Trans Continent is the abbreviation for Transportation and Continent is our target of business and services.
As a leading global transportation services provider, our value-added services ensure the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success and customers satisfaction.
We are committed to keep smart organization which has good qualification, integrity, knowledge and experiences to keep and improve our service level to the customer.

Ocean Freight

With extensive domestic & global network, our long standing and solid carrier partnerships

Air Freight

TRANS CONTINENT provides a domestic and global network for all air freight needs

Ocean Freight

We provide a variety of services for domestic transportation across Indonesia


PT. TRANS CONTINENT started as a Freight Forwarding and Logistics Services and PT. ROYAL MARINE as a Shipping Agent, Customs Clearance and Warehousing are established since 2003.

PT. TRANS CONTINENT has strived to be a transportation architect, managing to integrate sea, land and air transport to deliver quality, timely and committed forwarding services to their clients. We offer a truly global network of domestic and international freight forwarding business and build up our own network of freight forwarding companies in Australia, Singapore and South East Asia, which has helped Trans Continent to grow their market reach.

We provide comprehensive transport & logistic services to clients through a well established network of alliance partners. Service range covers not just transport but also the provision, commissioning, installation & maintenance of all equipment or device that facilitate transportation activities.

Current customer base of country are Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, India, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa. We take care not only land, sea and air cargo but also provides the full service of transportation logistic and planning of any project size.

Our Vision
To be the leading and specialized logistics service provider for heavy machinery (mining), oilfield and project cargo.
Our Mission
Committed to provide a more competitive and fully integrated services for transportation and logistic solution in our core business encompassing sea, air and land.
Core Value
Trans Continent is registered directly of nationwide custom, with abroad knowledge all customs procedures and deliver goods safely and timely manner.


“We’ll work with You to find the most cost-effective mobility solution for your needs. With regular reviews to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.”


Most of our staffs, team and counterpart are experienced professionals in oilfield, mining and project cargo in relation with handling, customs clearance and regulation.